Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The schedule that I'd like to have next semester
has 20 credits and would be the first time I
overload. Which makes me nervous,
and I don't need to overload necessarily
but these classes seem really interesting
and I can get requirements done because I can
actually fit all the classes I want.
If i do this it'd be 27 hours of class a week
and then probably 8 hours of work.
My classes would be:

Special Topics in Drawing - 6 hours
Advanced Painting - 6 hours
Development of the US II - 3 hours split in 2 classes
Writing Art Criticism - 4 hours
Junior Studio - 6 hours

I desperately need a higher paying job though.
But I also don't want to leave this job because I like it
and hope that it'll help me get hired at Purchase after graduation.

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