Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm in Dingle, Ireland. I'm living with 8 other girls in a cottage, next to 2 other cottages filled with people in our painting program. We paint the landscapes that surround us: rolling hills covered in grids of various greens. Cattle and sheep dot the landscape. Bulls lie in the front yard of our cottages. I've no phone and can only know the time when I'm near a clock or with somebody with a watch. I can only communicate with people not around me when I walk 25 minutes into town and get to the library (closed on weekends) or sneak some time in on a roommates laptop.

This kind of living takes time to get used to when I'm usually texting about 4-5 people regularly. It's very different and I'm very glad I've done it. Convenience is a whole different ball game for me now. I can't drive, I can't always get the groceries I want, I've only like 4 changes of clothes, etc.

Life in Europe is entirely different than life in the states. This is country living, here. The shops have lunch breaks and will close for various reasons (aka i'm sick today, sorry). People actually talk to you and are interested in your story. They say sorry, they wait for you to cross the street, they give you a book of funny quotes while you wait for your fish sandwich.

There's no real trespassing, no privately-owned land. Socialist capitalism, in my mind, is perfect. If you are an artist, regardless of how much money you make, you don't pay taxes. No one tips here, because it's included in prices. Things are expensive because they are luxuries, not necessities. This is how all life should be. Treat yourself to something once in a while, but otherwise just live. Just live.

Music is huge. There's live music in the pubs almost every night. There's also 57 pubs in this town which is basically the size of Purchase College's campus. I feel like little kids start learning instruments, mainly guitar, accordian, violin, at a very young age and just play, almost the way American students always play sports, always have gym class.

I can't do this though, this traveling thing, without a companion whom I really need. It's hard for me because I miss these imperative people from home so badly. 17 more days.