Friday, October 15, 2010

About my art

Time is always relevant to art. The decade the work was executed in is important, to a degree, in understanding the meaning and purpose of the piece's execution. Photography ((for the sake of this essay), in documentation, not artistic, form) holds the same concept true. The quality of the photograph will vary depending on the technology and the accessibility of that technology available at the given time of the photo documentation. So it is important to me, as a painter looking at photographs, to specify the decade of the photo I'm working from, more so than the decade I'm executing the work in (though this, of course, will always still be specified, and this specification holds its own significance in the meaning of the work - the comparison of the 2 time periods in one piece, and the comparison of one piece to the next, which will likely vary in the difference of photo vs. execution, since I don't stick to the same photo-decade in each work.)

So time. I paint about time. It's always passing. The further in the past an event happens, the foggier the memory becomes. The most recent memories in our mind are clearest (though through drunkenness these are still not so clear) as are the most recent photographs, physically. The newer the technology, the more accurate the photodocumentation.

So I will do 3 paintings. One set in the 80's, one in the 90's, and one present. The clothing style, patterning, quality of photo, and use of technology in the image will all vary.

The concept is the process, and the process, the concept. The aesthetic in the series will be thin/thickness of paint, color, brushstrokes. The visual concept in each individual piece that will emerge from the paint itself will be based on the clarity in the subject matter, the dynamic that is apparent between all the figures present, the acts they are committing, and the time passed between the event that took place and my execution of its representation. I will filter the image based on my emotions towards the event/people present in the image. The choices in paint that I make are based on these emotions.

It's 2pm on a Friday, why am I the only person in the studio.