Monday, August 10, 2009

There are 20 remaining days for me to live in this house and do the things I've been doing every day since May 15th.
I can't say I've been doing much since then.
It's been a pretty uneventful and unfriendly summer compared to previous ones.
I feel that so many people my age are being so much more adventurous,
touring with their band around the country,
spending a month or so in another state,
hanging out in the city,
being with friends every day.
Not me.
To go back to Purchase, in many ways, sounds good to me.
I want to be told to paint, I want to be around other artists 24/7,
and thousands of people. Not like here, where there's my mom,
and just a few friends.
But there's so much security in this house, I've been here since birth.
And Dan?
The last time I have spent more than 24 hours without seeing him was May 08 for 2 days.
We've spent every single day with each other for the past 2 years essentially.
This just isn't going to be okay for me.

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