Sunday, January 17, 2010

I anticipated this break being agonizing,
making me hate my life due to the diminishing of friends
the fact that home reminds me of so many painful things
and 4 whole weeks of free time
i became enveloped in a new (but old) group
met so many people who are more like me
saved maybe 10 new contacts
got an internship in the city
(which i can tell is gonna be crazy,
but definitely an experience)
and began figuring out who i want to be
and that i'm in a great position

now I get to go back to Purch tomorrow for good
and see a bunch of people that I've missed this month
get back into the studio and the painting family
go to shows all the time (which i miss like crazy)
and be happy still, just an hour away from here

it's crazy to think that this past month might have been
the last long time period I'll have lived in this house
of 21 years.

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