Friday, October 23, 2009

It was a room of Christopher Walkins

I went to my painting professor, Sharon Horvath's, opening
reception last night in Chelsea, with 4 other painters.
The gallery was huge, her pieces were monumental,
lots of other purchase professors were there,
and there was free wine.
Anywho, the place was packed and it was really
really interesting to see all these people and
imagine myself in Sharon's situation in a few years. (I hope)
So Julie Heffernan was there, look her up if you don't
know her paintings. I made eye contact with this guy

lols. We were kind of hanging out with this
sketchy kid with a missing tooth who was like crazy
and then we ran into another gallery that was PACKED
and had a DJ and so many important looking
british-accent-speaking people.
This exhibit was paintings of Christopher Walkin.
It really BLEW. These paintings sucked.
But it was still a humorous experience,
then we went back to Purchase and I got home at 11:30.
It was a sweet night and I want to do this every week.

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