Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'd like to make this a blog about art again. But whenever I go to artists talks I kind of forget to post right after it and then I forget a lot of what I would've wanted to say.

I guess I'll talk about my own work.
For the first time since I've started my car paintings,
a professor (a new one, since my previous professor is on a leave of absence)
said to me that I should drop the palette knife and start
using a brush again
and she wasn't very enthusiastic about my paintings in general.
I was kind of shocked about that,
but I mean not every body is going to like where my work is going,
and I guess it's good that someone told me to switch directions.
I don't think I can drop the car altogether just yet;
if I do, I have a feeling I won't pick it up again,
and this was too short a series, I didn't explore it enough.
I've got to do a "mapping" piece for experimental,
I'm gonna start the painting today, it's a blue print of my house at home.

I can't really imagine myself doing anything in college other than art.
It just makes me ecstatic to be in a studio, to talk about painting
to my housemates and classmates.

I'm not thinking about it really at all, but I hope to anything
that I really make it as an artist, and I don't just drop this
as soon as I graduate and be a receptionist forever.

My Drawing Concepts teacher's work which I love:

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