Friday, October 30, 2009

The Auto-bahn

I'm having my first painting show displayed to
the public starting Monday. The show is titled "The Auto-bahn"
with the subtitle "a dedication to my father."
I thought I'd say a little bit about it on here.

The car not only carries enormous
weight as a symbol of both joyous and turning-point
moments in my life as a child,
but also embodies it's own humanistic soul in society.
It has the capability to flee, scream, sleep, die, do damage.
I paint the car as I see the car in my memories -
soft, innocent, likable.
But these cars are not acting the way their
appearance would have you expect of them.
You can only speculate as to where they are going,
where they came from,
how long they will last,
their intent.
Like us, they have their own personality. We grow to
know them very well. Sometimes, they deceive us,
sometimes they chose to leave abruptly.
My father once put together a car with his brother
entirely from scraps
and he said there was nothing like hearing
the engine start. Bringing life to something
that was scraps of nothing before.


  1. Jen, this is beautifully written. This concept you have seriously stops me in my tracks. I am absolutely in love with this. I hope to god I can make it to the show.