Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 Weeks and a Day

Yesterday in class I almost lost it because I realized it had been exactly 2 weeks since I'd last been hugged by my dad and heard him speak.

Last night I dreamt that I called my dad's cell phone and he picked up
and I said why are you answering the phone?
and he said I woke up on Wednesday (from the stroke)
it was Friday in the dream
so I went to his house and I hugged him
and I said why didn't you call me and tell me you woke up 2 days ago?!
I thought that they didn't care enough to let me know
and then I said
we should have put the respirator in
then he never would have died in the first place
and we wouldn't have had to deal with it!!

That was the 3rd time I've dreamt that he "woke up"
from his stroke and was alive even though he had already died.

Still, it all feels like it was just a day dream.

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