Thursday, August 20, 2009

Animal Collective round 2

I bought animal collective tickets about 5 months ago. the show was aug. 14th.
I was nervous about getting there too late and being in a huge line to get in, so we figured we'd get into brooklyn around 2, doors open at 5:30, show at 8.
if anything we'd wander brooklyn for a while.
we get there and there's about... 6 people in line. wowz.
I didn't know if we should try eating then or not. we waited, played cards on the pavement.
we get let inside and run to the barackade separating the crowd from the stage, I was leaning on it, only a little off to the left. I would be about 12 feet from panda bear.
i run out of the crowd to get a hot dog, eat half, give dan half.
then i get light headed and know what's coming - i run out of the crowd and puke in a garbage can
i get ice cold but am sweating profusely. I sit on the ground, i can't stand, i throw up next to me.
the EMT is called, he takes my blood pressure, they're all freaking out "go to a hospital"
so they wheel me out (unnecessarily) and everyone going into the show is staring.
I get into the ambulance, I feel fine, dan is calling my parents.
Go to pediatrics. It's 7:30, the show starts soon, but I know I lost my #1 place. It can't be the same.
I'm admitted out, we literally run back to Prospect Park following the noise, I still have my little EKG stickers on my wrist.
At first I couldn't hold back crying, while trying to appreciate the fact that I'm seeing them.
We go get food, I almost want to leave.
But they play fireworks, they play guys eyes, we make our way in the crowd at a decent spot.
They play brother sport.
I remember them playing this last year when nobody knew the song.
This time everyone was dancing so intensely, I was so happy I stayed.
They get off the stage and I want to cry having only heard 5 songs.
They come back, play lion in a coma, and end with Leaf House.
Leaf House has been one of my favorite songs since before Strawberry Jam,
and they end their set with it after 2 albums came out after it.

I am still not content after seeing them 1.5 times, I need to go again and not pass out.

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