Thursday, June 25, 2009

Long Stretches of Down Time

It's surprising how utterly meaningless one's life can seem when there is no work to be done and no subjects to be learned in a classroom. 

I often think about how certain people end up with so many friends, and I don't mean lots of acquaintances, but lots of people who you could text and say "wanna hang out?" and they do and it's normal. I mean, I only have 3 of those people currently. So I wonder, is this my fault, or others'? Or is this okay, common? I've known people who'll just walk up to anybody, I mean anybody, and act like they are best friends, and poof, they add a new contact to their phone. I don't really see meaning in that, because you're not acting upon the person's personality or likeness, you're just being ridiculously friendly, and to some that can be deceiving, if they think that you honestly really like them.

Anywho. I wonder if this summer is going to continue being so lonely and useless. 

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